Individual Instruction

Please contact me for rates on any of the following services that I offer.

Custom CD Annotation
For those who want to practise their conscious listening skills on your favourite CDs, I will take your CD and analyze the music, breaking down the forms of the movements and the themes and the times of their occurrences.

For example:
Beethoven, Symphony #5, 1st movement. Sonata form
  • Exposition, Theme I, c minor, 0’ 00’’
  • Theme II, Eb major, 0’ 56’’
  • Exposition repeated, theme I, 1’38’’
  • Theme II, 2’ 33’’
  • Development, 3’13’’ etc
If you can follow a musical score, I will annotate it, keying it to your CD with the minutes and seconds of the various formal elements of the movement. This can be enormously helpful in developing your conscious listening skills.
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Music Appreciation Talks for Small Groups
Learn more of what to listen for and enhance your enjoyment of a forthcoming concert. I can present a private lecture/demonstration about a work on an upcoming concert programme to your group of concert-going friends.

These talks are usually hosted in your own home provided you have a piano and stereo system. If preferred, I can host the event in my home. (For music appreciation classes, please browse the upcoming course.)
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Theory Teaching
I teach private theory lessons to people age 9 to adult and can prepare students for RCM theory exams if desired.
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Chamber Music Coaching
I can help your or your child’s group improve their performance and educe (draw out) the essence of the music more clearly.

I have had more than 35 years of experience as a chamber musician. For more details, browse my biography.
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